Fox Glacier

Today, we walked on to Fox Glacier. It was a novel experience for both of us. The walk took us along temperate rainforests to a point a few hundred metres above the mouth of the glacier, where we put on crampons to assist the walk on the glacier.

By the time we reached the glacier, the rains, which were forecast to hit by mid-day, come down right on schedule. Even with all our layers of clothing on, we were very cold. We spent close to an hour on the glacier, but were very happy to get off it towards the end!

By the time we got back to base, we were cold, tired and hungry. Luckily, the cafe at the glacier walk office had some good hot vegetarian fare that revived us.

The rain hadn’t eased at all, so we decided to do the short drive north to Franz Josef Glacier, and halt in a motel for the night. Sitting in the warm hotem room, watching TV, and listening to the rain pouring down outside, this turned out to be one of the smartest decisions we took on the trip!


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