Today was our first true rest day of the trip. We decided to stay one more night at Wanaka. After a lazy sleep in and a very late breakfast, we finally left the campsite at 2 PM and went to Puzzling World.

This might be the most unique sights we visit during the trip, a collection of illusion rooms and an outdoor maze, with smaller puzzles that visitors can sit down and play with. The illusion rooms included ‘Following Faces’, where faces of famous personalities seem like ther are watching you from all angles, to ‘Holograph’ rooms, to ‘Ames’ room, which causes the illusion of normal people looking big or small. This technique apparently was used in the ‘Lord of the Rings’. Another room had the illusion of objects going against gravity, such as a ball rolling ‘up’ a slanted table, water flowing ‘up’ an incline, etc.

The maze was a difficult one, across 2 levels. We managed to crack the easier one in 40 minutes.

By then, we were feeling the effects of our first real ‘hot’ day of the trip, and made our way back to the campsite.


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